You take me as I am
Into your new scarred hands
and when I run so far away
you always call me back again
into your open arms
not matter what ive done
amazing grace has found me here
because of what you've done, for me

PlanetShakers - Weight of the World

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Do I have leadership capabilities?
Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Still doing my model, which is driving me nuts. The idea was formed in my head, using fufilment as my concept. Now I just have to find a way to explain it. Big headache... 2 - 3 projects due this week (Thursday and Friday) and a presentation on Thursday. Really hate this week, can't believe I'm slogging on the week where my birthday lands on. Usually I'll be on holiday, never have worked on that day.. Humbug...

I was in the canteen wanting to buy a drink after my class in the workshop today. My lecturer Ms Vaanthi who was at the table next to my course mates started talking about me. Then she asked whether I signed up for Orientation. I gave her a bewildered ''Huh?'' until she said she saw my name on a sheet of paper. Asked if it was a pink sheet (cos Faridah wrote it on a pink sheet) and she said yes. So I replied, I did sign up for it, because she thought someone had ''sabo-ed'' me. The next question she asked me really shocked me. ''Do you want a leadership role, or a Group Leader role?'' I was like I'll take any role assigned to me. ''Cannot cannot, you must choose...'' was her reply.

Seriously speaking, everyone thinks I have leadership capabilities. Which I can't see in myself. Ms Vaanthi thinks I'm up to the task of leadership, and I find it quite unbeliveable... Since primary school till now, I've always held a post in school leadership... Don't know why teachers have so much faith in me. Even my peers think I do and voted me the Vice Captain of the Girls Bowling Squad in TP. Everyone thinks I can do it but me.. and I don't think I can... I'm afraid people won't listen to me when I delegate (might think I'm bossy), I'm afraid when things go wrong all those under me will blame me and I'm afraid of people not liking me. My girls Captain Lena asked me to try out the leadership role first. I took her advice, maybe I should do the same for Orientation... I'll write more later...

Back to model making...

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