You take me as I am
Into your new scarred hands
and when I run so far away
you always call me back again
into your open arms
not matter what ive done
amazing grace has found me here
because of what you've done, for me

PlanetShakers - Weight of the World

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Design Orientation Training.

Held the fort this morning and took the attendence of GLs.

Pathetic attendence by those who are going to be the first line of interaction with the Freshies.

Slacked in the CDI room with Beatrice after.

She playing her orisinal.com games while I played Valentiner on gamerival.com

Edited my OBS documents.

Surprise, Surprise! Moses announced that Principal did not approve..

All my time wasted editing and chasing Heads for attendence. Was pretty unhappy about it...

Changed my blog layout in the CDI room.

Apparently the last one did not suit me, too thoughtful and serene.

Pops said I'm loud, how could have that suited me?

He says it's better now, because of the cookies.. Charlene too thinks that the present one suits me better.

I like this one now.. hehe..

Tomorrow meeting with Moses and then recce at Sentosa...

Busy day, but spending time with people I enjoy being with..

Rainbows still Occur. @11:36 pm

Helping Out

Meeting today was pointless.

So was the past meetings.

Imagine meetings starting 2-4 hours later than the time it was called for.

Really annoying me now.

All today was about was aquisitions.

Do admin people need to be there? I don't think so..

And yet, someone wanted us there.

In the end, me and Jinghui practically wasted our time.

Went home after and had a badly needed nap.

I went down to Leisure and helped Stacie and her mum with the shop.

Don't know about helping.. but oh well, I enjoyed it..

And it's back to Orientation work now..

*sigh* Ciao..

Rainbows still Occur. @1:11 am

Zouk Again..
Thursday, April 28, 2005

Just reached home on this glorious morning..

The sun hasn't even risen.

Come to think of it, it's only 5 in the morning..

Zouk just now was like usual.

Fun, fun and more FUN!

Only got disrupted when this chinese gay couple was trying to whisper something to his partner that he went ''bam'' right onto mine and Stacie's toes.

What's up with these people?

Dancing in heels is a difficult thing, feet hurt at the end of it (better learn from MeiXuan and wear flats the next time)...

Thank God that Boon Hian's dad lent him the van (and also thank God that he managed to slow down from a 120km/h before the speed check thingy).

If not the taxi driver would have had a very very fine day.

Simpang was in order after Zouk.

Watch 2nd half of the Chelsea and Liverpool match.

As much as I hate both teams, I just want to see Chelsea being crushed like pulp.

I'm a ManUtd supporter. Always have, always will be.

Thanks again to Andy for the ride home.

And Charlene, I wish you were there to enjoy it with us.. We'll go when your birthday arrives!

Rainbows still Occur. @5:01 am

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What exactly going on in my family?

I don't know..

My youngest bro and dad are quarelling, expletives are flying around..

Mum and youngest bro are now quarelling as well..

My 16 year old brother is adding in as well.

God, help me, please.. I don't know what to do..

This has never happened before...

Rainbows still Occur. @12:10 am

It's Just Me
Monday, April 25, 2005

Sometimes I wonder why I'm always so low in self-esteem..

Don't want to be, but that's part of me..

People leaving me testimonials on friendster are right, I need to be more self confident.

I wish I was like Charlene like that.

No life is perfect I agree, but I wish just to have an ounce of the self confidence she has, in her dressing and in the way she speaks.

Maybe my life would be better, not having to constantly worry what people think of me.

In depression mode now, going to turn it off and revert to normal..


In closing I hate last mintue notices, especially from people who want to call a meeting.

I know you want to meet us in town, but did you ever consider that people have prior plans?

Am I expected to drop everything just to meet you with the rest of the Main Comm?

I'm not giving attitude, if you think so then up to you.

With all due respect, we all are having holidays now, however that doesn't mean that we have to accomodate to your schedule just because you're working..

Rainbows still Occur. @12:20 pm

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Had a Main Comm meeting this morning.

Hopefully we made progress, 4 weeks before actual orientation

Please all Sub Comm members, I beseech you, come join us at OBS.

If you're not willing to sacrifice, ask the whole Main Comm what they had to sacrifice to plan this Orientation.

I can bet, none of your's will be more than ours.

Leave's approved from Playgroup, pray I'll be back in June.

I feel like I'm stuck in a religious rut, which I really want to get out of.

When to Safra Tamp just now, dad's playing horrid today (lost $14 betting with kakis). Bowling I mean. Miss playing there..

Passed Boon his photos, still can ask me why I use a 700MB cd to give him 7 MB of photos.

Sheesh, it can't fit a floppy disk can it? It's so passe now anyway. haha.. kidding..

Sudden influx of photos again.. Enjoy.. Just wanted to share some memories.. haha..

Wondering why I'm writing in sentences? Well, don't want to give some long thesis about my day. Maybe when I have more time..

Well cheers mateys!

Rainbows still Occur. @2:04 am

us again.. We're in Jaron's car.. Stacie displaying her affections for photo taking by taking loads. She loves taking photos.. This is after Zola.. Posted by Hello

Rainbows still Occur. @2:02 am

Boon Hian :: Me He and his stupid grin.. I still look round, that's why I hate taking photos.. Posted by Hello

Rainbows still Occur. @1:49 am

Me :: Andy Nice bloke.. haha... I look fat man.. Sheesh.. haha.. Posted by Hello

Rainbows still Occur. @1:47 am

Mei Xuan :: Stacie :: Me at Simpang after Zouk Posted by Hello

Rainbows still Occur. @1:44 am

Party Hardy
Saturday, April 23, 2005

Second time I'm typing this.

Outings are always great.

Especially with mates like Canele staff, Stacie, Andy, Lionel, MX, Boon, Vanessa, Jessica and the list will go on and on.

Cheers to Huda for the cheesecake and rest of the slices. Le Royale and Profiteroles. Everyone enjoyed it.

Went to Zola (a lounge) afterwards. Sang (finally took the mike) and drank Bourbon [again? yes again..] With pals like Stace and all, it's always enjoyable. Esp. when Lionel and Andy starts singing ''I'm Nobody's Child'' in Hokkien..

Returned from TPJC's Dancefest not to long ago. It was ok, but the music's not really my sort.

And what's with the influx of hip hop dancing?

To Stace - You're right, I'm thinking too much, going to retract my post..

To Jinghui and Beats - Stan's losing it already, therefore he's gone nuts.. I think we all agree on that..

Rainbows still Occur. @1:12 am

Zouk-ed Out..
Thursday, April 21, 2005

Good morning Singapore, it's 7.10 in the morning and what a clear and bright day it is! Enjoy your day ahead.. (ok, trying to act broadcaster.. haha..)

Anyway, just reached home (thank you Andy for the lift). When to Zouk last night (or is it this morning at midnight?), Stacie and Lionel met me below my block in a cab before we left to pick Boon up. Reached Zouk and started dancing. Thank God it was ladies night. Music was great, though the grounds a tad squeasy. Andy came not long after and we stayed there till closing, in which we left for Simpang for supper till the weeeeeee hours in the morning. It was seriously an enjoyable night, in which I have to thank Stacie for the new experiences introduced. Managed to meet two people, Kerson and Candice.

*part of this post was retracted by author, which obviously is me.. That's why post ends on a weird note..*

Rainbows still Occur. @7:10 am

Here in LT 24
Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Waiting for the Main Comm meeting to start.

Justin and Dana(nana) are playing with cameras.

Stanley's traumatised by a strangle by me (he's losing blood.. Arghhhh).

Jinghui's checking my English.

Alex is (sing this to the tune of Somewhere Out There), ''somewhereeee outtt thereeee, beneathhh the deep blueee skyyy...''

Beatrice is also, ''somewhereeee outtt thereeee, beneathhh the deep blueee skyyy...''

RenXiang's not here..

Faridah's MIA..

Everybody's high..

I love them.. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight....

Rainbows still Occur. @3:05 pm

Big Birthday Bash!
Monday, April 18, 2005

Regardless of the title, it's not my birthday. It was a month ago. Today (or rather yesterday), was Lionel's birthday. First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIONEL, and thanks for everything (bowling, food and stuff)!

It's 5 minutes to 6 in the morning and I just got home not long ago, at around half 5. Doubt I'll be sleeping anytime soon really.. Woke up at almost 12 noon and met Lena and Ashley to get Lionel's present (you better use it..). Then after headed down to Leisure for his bowling bash at around 5.. I think I played around 8 games.. haha, of course not consectively. Bowled about 4 then ate, then bowled again till around 11 or 12. There was the usual cut cake ceremony of which his cake was in a shape of a bowling pin, done by an ex Tp student. So darn cool! Anyway, bowl and bowl until almost saaa already. Decided to go to Zola with a whole bunch of people at midnight. Drank 4 cups of Bourbon Coke, a bit ''saaaa'' already.. Most of us (at around 3am ++) headed to Simpang Bedok to have supper. My goodness, sat there and crapped non stop. Boon got the brunt of it, teased until he was like ''why talk about me?''. haha.. Sat there with drinks and prata till roughly round 5.15am and was given a lift along with Lena, Ashley, Stacie, and Lionel by Jaron (thanks mate, for the lift! and sorry if I slammed your boot..) So now I'm here, recalling the day's activities. haha..

On a more serious note, I like Bourbon Coke.. haha (that's not serious..) This is the most fun birthday bash I've ever been to... And my bowling's back on track! I better get to doing my admin work for school orientation.. If not I'll look as if I'm damn ''gong'' later.. Ciao..

Rainbows still Occur. @5:45 am

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Went to school today and met Lena and Ashley to settle some bowling stuff then went down to Leisure.. Started bowling with Lena, Ashley, and Nick. I feel like an idiot.. Bowl so long score still like ku-ku.. I'm changing to a more relaxed swing where else last time I control until all the weight is all on my arm. However, my arm is flying all over the place now. Not good. That's why I have to practice some more. But I think I'm listening to too many people until I'm like, ''what the..'' We played partnership when bowling, Ash and Lena, me and Nick. Felt like I totally let him down sia.. Actually, feel like I have let EVERYONE down.. Just plain idiotic me.. Some times I just want to give up half way, but I really want to be good at bowling. Not good, but great.. That's why I still want to play.. Oh well.. Train harder and believe I can do it..

In closing..
Je me d├ęteste, un perdant total.. [it's in french]

Rainbows still Occur. @11:34 pm

What's Up man..
Sunday, April 10, 2005

Prologue - Hi Grace! Yes I still remember you.. Amazed you still can recognise me.. You didn't leave anything that I could contact you with, so I just got to post it on my blog.. hehe.. How Are you doing? Still in Aussie?

Bowling today was bad, my ball doesn't hook anymore. Seriously, I don't have talent for it yet I'm still bowling. What the hell! After that Saturday session, bowling has gone down, which is bad.. I don't want it to remain at this level, if not I'll never be able to play in IVP. Sheesh, help me man someone.. Oh how?

Nothing much really, had fun today in Leisure. With Lena, Ashley and Stacie.. hehe.. Oh well, better get back and train harder.. But who's going to sponsor the *carrr-chinnng*? Damn, I really not the sports sort, though I try as hard as I can..

Epilogue - Never settle for mediocrity. Good is the enemy of Greatness..

Rainbows still Occur. @9:42 pm

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

how cool is this? haha, did it with the free picasa software by google.. hehe Posted by Hello

Rainbows still Occur. @11:30 pm

Don't Know What to Do...
Monday, April 04, 2005

I don't know whether anyone reads this blog, just writing because I miss writing. Don't know why I even brought that up..

Reckon my family's in deep financial crap man. However, how am I to go back and work at Canele when I have school committments? Dad was just talking if our bills continue the way they are, we might have to sell the car. I mean to me it's no loss, but to my mum it will be a hassle. She's not good at all with public transport, who knows she might just take the wrong bus and get lost. My dad's salary is not good enough to support the whole family, just pray that Crown Resort will give mum the job. Her old company Burswood got bought over by Crown, but mum has worked for these 2 companies and she knows more about them than the lady that could stay on (she quit in the end). So pray hard that Uncle Craig gives mum the job. Her salary is quite important to the family. Something is weighing me down, and I know it's this situation. But I feel so helpless to do anything, because of being in Orientation Main Committee where I have responsibilities and that prevents me from working.

Suddenly my phone bill shot up. It has never reached a hundred moolars before, wonder why. I would gladly pay my phone bills to elevate the situation just that I just got a new computer which I desperately need and I'm paying that myself. If I pay phone bill as well, I'm left with practically nothing for the month already.

Please God I know you're there, you do things in your own time which I will not question. I hope you're watching over this family and I pray as we continue to hang on, you'll do something that will help us elevate the situation. All things work together for good to those who love you. Amen..

Rainbows still Occur. @10:15 pm

I'm Really Bored therefore I'm blogging..
Sunday, April 03, 2005

Seriously, I'm bored to death.. I reckon there's actually a lot of things for me to do, just that I'm not bothering about them now.

There's a main committee meeting tomorrow, called for urgently by our dear Chair, it was actually cancelled at first and I was so hoping for a day to rest and wait for my computer. Hopefully, the meeting won't drag on, the last time we had a meeting it went on for 5 hours! Dear me, I was actually falling asleep. Our logistics head, though very prepared, sounded more like leading troops to war than organizing a camp. I think it's the influence of war games that's led him to present proposals like troop briefings. Sheesh.. Dragging myself to school for meeting tomorrow, sometimes I wish I didn't take on this post. Admin always has it tough before events take place.

Hopefully, during the week I can go and bowl with Timo and Danielle and whosoever who'd like to come along. Get used to whatever I was taught. A bit bowling obsessed if you ask me. Oh well, at least I got something I love. If you want to go bowling and have no one, give me a shout ok?

I still wish I had a boyfriend. haha.. Well, someone to talk to, someone who'd love you no matter what or who you are, someone who'll take you out just because he wants to be with you.. haha. Yes, I do like someone now, just that he doesn't know. And no, I will not publish his name here for all to see. Only a few people know, but I think it's best not to tell him. I don't want a backlash, later if he knows, he may not talk to me anymore. hehe, paranoia in action again. Strictly speaking, best not to say anything. Again, doubt anyone would be interested in someone like me..

Maybe I'll bake again, meringues this times. Chocolate ones and ones made with golden caster sugar, or meringue nests as well garnised with fruits. I want to try using unrefined sugar like muscovado to give it a bit of treacle (or is it caramel-ish taste?), however got to get Billingtons which I ran out of during the Christmas season making Gingerbread cookies.

I know I'm going on and on, but writing keeps the boredom bug away. Oh was watching 'Turn Left, Turn Right' just now on Channel U starring Gigi Leung and Takeshi Taneshiro. Really cute movie, meeting childhood crushes after 13 years and then losing contact yet again, while all along they were neighbours. Now you know why I'm talking about wanting a boyfriend, hahaa.. Ok la, I won't go on anymore.. This entry is superlong as it is..

Rainbows still Occur. @11:45 pm

The first cake that I really made money from. Dark Chocolate sponge iced with Milk Chocolate buttercream encased with Chocolate Meringue Sticks. Ultimate Chocolate... Muahaha... Apparently it was good.. I never think my cakes are nice enough... haha... Posted by Hello

Rainbows still Occur. @4:22 pm

Utterly Confused

Before you run off thinking if's about a guy I like, don't let your imagination run wild. It's just a title that I thought might attract some attention, though I'm confused about somethings.

3am in the morning, and I've just gotten home from Safra Tampines. Bowling as usual, that's what I'm confused about. Dad's friends, Uncle Jeffery, Uncle Ahmad and Uncle Alvin was teaching me some stuff. A lot to remember if I don't play every week.

Number one, when you hear the thumb hole sound on the lanes, your release is wrong. Ball should travel down silently. Skid first then break. Track should be at least 3 fingers away from thumb and finger holes.
Number two, balance hole should always be facing you when the ball is on the lanes.
Number 3, lift the ball when your thumb is out of the thumb hole. It's an immediate action after. Don't control your arm. Let the weight make it's own rotation and then lift.

Maybe somethings don't make sense to you, or to any other bowler. I just don't know how to phrase it so that it actually make sense. But this is my way of remembering..

Better get to bed, tired after a loong day. hehe.. Good night... Oh and thanks Uncles! Cheers!

Rainbows still Occur. @2:51 am