You take me as I am
Into your new scarred hands
and when I run so far away
you always call me back again
into your open arms
not matter what ive done
amazing grace has found me here
because of what you've done, for me

PlanetShakers - Weight of the World

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Useless.. Plain Useless
Monday, March 21, 2005

Sometimes I wonder what I did to get these set of parents . Usually I'll go on about how comically funny they are or how mad my dad is but now, I'm filled with nothing but rage when I see them both. Especially my mum. I don't want to use the word useless, but there's no other substitute. Now that Mum's not working, all she does day in and day out is watch her stupid Korean drama serials. Utterly pointless. Her kids are expected to live on processed food and coffee shop food while she sits at home watching those pointless shows that always revolve round the same plot. I like that girl, but the girl likes someone else. Triangular relationship. Bah! Useless... Just a few days out of a week, I'll be very glad to eat home cooked food. This is the reason why I prefer to stay at Godma's during my holidays.
My dad on the other hand, spends all his time on the computer after buying dinner for us that when I shout his name a million times he doesn't know. Tell him I'm bored and he wouldn't care less. Why else do you think I'm blogging so much now? I'm bored to death, rotting away and he and mum don't care. Won't even offer to bring me bowling... Yesterday I woke up, waited the whole day for him to ask me go bowling, and when he asked, he was so reluctant mind as well don't open his mouth. And what time it was then? 9 plus.... You tell me la, what's the point? He scolds me when I don't play, but how to play when he doesn't bring me. There's no point in playing alone when there's no one to correct you. Told him that I'll be paying for a computer on my own and he says will talk to mum about it, however till now, he hasn't!!!!! I don't know what in the world they all are thinking. I've been so pissed about this the past 3 days. Hope they discover this blog and find out how angry I am. I even doubt they know I'm angry....

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