You take me as I am
Into your new scarred hands
and when I run so far away
you always call me back again
into your open arms
not matter what ive done
amazing grace has found me here
because of what you've done, for me

PlanetShakers - Weight of the World

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I don't believe it
Sunday, August 07, 2005

Seriously, I don't know what's going on financially with my family.

I'm paying for my own computer and I get like what, $25 a week.

I need to pay for something tomorrow and I asked my dad for my allowance.

He tells me he has nothing.

So it becomes my fault?

Who bowls so much a week? Who buys 4D and all that rubbish?

In theory, $25 a week is enough.

In practical life? No comments.

It's getting on my nerves.

My brothers get more than I do.

And everything is paid for, for them.

Ok, not say it doesn't apply to me.

I? Even one shirt I want to buy, I have to pay for myself.

I don't know what to say...


So many things that are clouding my mind now.

I feel like I'm going to burst.


I'm sick, yet none of my family cares.


Seems the only times I enjoy myself are during trainings and hanging out with my friends.

Let's me escape reality for awhile.

Rainbows still Occur. @9:14 pm