You take me as I am
Into your new scarred hands
and when I run so far away
you always call me back again
into your open arms
not matter what ive done
amazing grace has found me here
because of what you've done, for me

PlanetShakers - Weight of the World

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Seven things that scare you:
1. Snakes.
2. Not being able to end up having a career that I love.
3. Failure.
4. Changes.
5. Losing people important to me, like my close friends.
6. Dying.
7. Losing the ability to Love and appreciate.

Seven things you like the most:
1. Bowling.
2. My close friends.
3. Baking.
4. My recipe books.
5. Writing.
6. The music on my iTunes.
7. You! heehee

Seven important things in your bedroom:
1. My bed.
2. HP Computer.
3. My art work and materials.
4. My handphone.
5. My telly.
6. My wardrobe.
7. My books.

Seven random facts about you:
1. I'm an Emo person, some of you agree. Well, most.
2. I worry and think too much.
3. I hate it when my oven spoils.
4. I actually like chinese and canto songs. Would you believe it?
5. I eat very little. A few spoonfull and I'm full. Not as if my size gives that away.
6. I think I'm not good enough for anyone.
7. I want to move to New Zealand.

Seven things you plan to do before you die :
1. Get married. hur.
2. I want to have a Mini Cooper with a red body and beetle bug spots with a black top.
3. Go and see snow. Kiddy I know.
4. Be an aclaimed chef.
5. Be a food photographer or one that photographs kids.
6. Travel back to Aussie and New Zealand.
7. Meet all the people who have ever been important to me and tell them (a) How much I love them (b) How much they mean to me and (c) How much they made a difference in my life.

Seven things you can do:
1. Listen to you when you need me. Anytime of the day.
2. Bake and Cook. According to Adree, I'm domesticated. *Shakes head*
3. Think.
4. Bowl.
5. Write.
6. Listen to the same song 20 times in a row. ha! And after I get sick of it and never listen to it for the next 1 month.
7. Love and care.

Seven things you can't do:
1. Relax. I'm tense.
2. Stop reading.
3. Keep my room neat. ha! My mum has been going on and on about it though it's loads better.
4. Bowl.
5. Wear tank tops and clothes along that line. Skirts too. I don't have that confidence.
6. Go without my hairband. Kiddy again.
7. Stop caring for any of you.

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex:
1. Character.
2. Kindness.
3. His jokes or rather the fella's lamesness.
4. His ability to apologize when he's wrong.
5. A good head on his shoulders. At least he can hold a decent conversation.
6. His smile.
7. His ability to listen.

Seven things you say the most are known for saying:
1. Oooooo. I like this song!
2. Shaaaadup!
3. Hey!
4. That kid is soooo cute!
5. Anything (and shakes her head). haha.
6. I'm not important to the people who are important to me.
7. I don't know.

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign) :
1. Tao Ze.
2. Wilbur Pan.
3. Rupert Grint.
4. TJ (some fella from a boyband Take 5.)
5. John O'Shea (I like footballers)
6. Wes Brown.
7. Kieran Richardson.

Rainbows still Occur. @10:26 am