You take me as I am
Into your new scarred hands
and when I run so far away
you always call me back again
into your open arms
not matter what ive done
amazing grace has found me here
because of what you've done, for me

PlanetShakers - Weight of the World

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Someone should congratulate me for the most number of times anyone updates their blog in a single day. This is the third time in 15 hours. I'm on the brink of boredom and I can't take it any longer. blah blah blah. Let me ramble on. Thank you Abel for the services of your repaired PowerBook. Hur.

Let's see. Fundamentals of Hospitality and Tourism Business at 3pm for the next 2 hours and then training tonight at 8pm.

And Chris has suddenly decided to add some comments, or what he calls invasion on my blog. Here you are... astogal! YAY!

Coolios, though totally random. I have some very interesting mates who fill my day with interesting yet random things. haha. Yeah, Abel's like cutting his beef steak so fast. More of butchering instead. And yes, it has already butchered. He's having a dilemma now. Whether or not to finish his steak. He goes, "argh, it's spicy, I can't eat it!" The best part is, it's a BLACK PEPPER steak. One question on our minds now, is he going to finish his steak? Well tune in next time to more adventures of Abel with his Black Pepper Steak. haha. Now, he's wasted....

Rainbows still Occur. @2:40 pm